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Free Download Video to gif, Convert Video to GIF Animation software

Written By jocker tutor on October 12, 2013 | 22:02

Video to GIF Overview

Video To GIF

This video to gif software will help you to create or convert your video to gif animation. If you want to get a picture from your video, this software will do it for you with capture tools. 

Input Formats

Otput Format
BMP -- Windows BitMaP
(BitMaP) Also known as a "bump" file, it is the native, itmapped graphics format in Windows. A BMP can be saved in several color options: 1-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color provide 2, 16, 256 and 16,000,000 colors respectively. BMP files use the .BMP or .DIB file extensions (DIB stands for Device-Independent Bitmap).

JPEG -- Joint Pictures Expert Group.
The committee which set standards for a file format for graphics. The JPEG file format is a compressed format, with some loss of quality during compression. A popular web format do to the generally small size of pictures. File formats of .jpg, .jpeg, and .jpe.

PNG -- Portable Network Graphics
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) A bitmapped graphics file format endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is expected to eventually replace the GIF format, because there are lingering legal problems with GIFs. CompuServe owns the format, and Unisys owns the compression method. In addition, GIF is a ery basic graphics format that is limited to 256 colors (8-bit color)

GIF -- Graphics Interchange Format
download video to gif software

A popular bitmapped graphics file.format developed by CompuServe. Pronounced "giff" with a hard "g" by most Mac users and "jiff" by PC users, GIFs are widely used on the Web because the format uses its wn form of compression.
GIF supports 8-bit color (256 colors), but gets the most mileage out of its limited colors by using a built-in color palette. For example, the palette for an image of a forest would mostly contain shades of green and rown. If colors are within a tight range, this method provides extraordinary realism in an 8-bit image. See color palette.
Outpur GIF Supported animation and transparent area.

TIFF -- Tag Image File Format
TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a common format for exchanging raster graphics (bitmap) images between application programs, including those used for scanner images. A TIFF file can beidentified as a file with a ".tiff" or ".tif" file name suffix. The TIFF format was developed in 1986 by an industry committee chaired by the Aldus Corporation (now part of Adobe Software). Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard were among the contributors to the format. One of the most common graphic image formats, TIFF files are commonly used in desktop publishing, faxing, 3-D applications, and medical imaging applications. TIFF files can be in any of several classes, including gray scale, color palette, or RGB full color, and can include files with JPEG, LZW, or CCITT Group 4 standard run-length image compression.

TGA -- Targa Graphics Adaptor
The TGA format is a common bitmap file format for storage of 24-bit images. It supports colourmaps, alpha channels, compression and comments.

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